Whampoa/Bendemeer House, Serangoon Road (1840-1964). Now, it is almost impossible to see a Nyonya or a Bibik in sarong kebaya walking in Katong or in Joo Chiat. If anyone recognise the house or has any info of it, kindly share your knowledge here or email to yesterdayom@gmail.com. Currently leased to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, this century-old house was originally known as “House of Administration” (资政第). More photos of the colonial villas-turned-government bungalows in the 1970s. Wesley House, Mount Sophia (late 1800s-early 1900s). On good terms with Temenggong Abu Bakar, Napier sold his land to him in the 1860s. I don’t think my daughter or my wife or I, who lived in it, or my sons who grew up in it, will bemoan its loss. The govt. The kitchen was very well equipped, although somewhat old. Housewife Idawati Mohammad, 39, whose family lives in the partially-decayed 29-room house with 11 other families, said the current owners of the building had asked them to vacate the place by the end of the month. I actually had nightmares about that house until my forties. Facing the beach and sea, it was also patronised by many British officers after the Second World War. With one comment from Reddit Singapore summing up our feelings towards the house. The Alkaff family was famous for their regional businesses in spices, sugar, coffee and other commodities. To non-Singaporeans who may be reading this: 1. It housed a huge ballroom on the ground floor, with guestrooms on the first and second floors. The Penang Island City Council had allowed the landlord to proceed with the demolition last week. Coming back to KC days, I remember Sister Josephine and Sister Fimble or Fimber? The Aw brothers of Aw Boon Haw (1882-1954) and Aw Boon Par (1888-1944), being one of the most successful families in Singapore in the early 20th century, also owned the Haw Par Villa and the Tiger Balm Garden. Hi Ginny, do you know Huney Goh, Lydia Lee, Minnie Appudurai, Anne Hogan, Rosemary Khrishna, Anne Costello, Susie Lim, Theresa Goh, Marina Xavier, Karen / Sandra Campbell, Sandra Minjoot, Jennifer Bong, Jennifer Schoon and many more Eurasian girls from Katong Convent from the year 1965 to 1973? Contact us The history of the houses are very interesting which a lot of us do not know.How can we find out about the history of other black and white houses which are not listed please? Hi! I am aware that there was one such office with an adjoining bungalow located within the former Bidadari Cemetery. The name derived from the popular cinema operator Eng Wah who rented this place as an office in the mid-1900s. It is known as House No. In its place now stands Gloucester Mansions. It was supposedly built upon a Chinese cemetery and the first two headmasters died when in their posts and that was said to be a curse. Do you know that the Golden Bell Mansion at Mt Faber was the place where the conception of MRT first started in 1972 before the Dutch Seamen Club.? That house has been at the heart of the development of modern Singapore for more than half a century. Their father had made this wish public on many occasions, including in his book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going, said Sunday’s statement. None of them exhibit any original ideas in shapes or ingenious/technical use of materials, even for their time. This little Tudor-styled cottage is located on Pulau Ubin, a north-eastern island of Singapore. Such memories help, if there were old collection of these photos. The condominium completed in 1996 is named after this grand bungalow. The living room downstairs had cane furniture with cushions, and a fireplace that no longer worked. Typical Modern styles emphasize on straightforward lines, horizontality and proportionality. Will read more of your posts again later. If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates. Hi, does anyone know if there were such houses near Rangoon Road/Owen Road or Towner Road/McNair Road in the early 70s that looked like Pic 1 (not as big as that but were raised and had empty space underneath it) and look and shape is something like Pic #2. On the location of the consulate-general, Dr Lai said it was chosen as it was near the colonial British Government House and “paralleled” Japan’s colonial ambition. Built in 1930, it was a fine example of a Modern bungalow, designed by a leading Modern Movement architect Ho Kwong Yew. The two-storey Peranakan and colonial styled bungalow was built in the early thirties by Chinese pioneer Tan Kah Kee (1874-1961) and bought by prominent banker and philanthropist Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chun Tuan (1908-2008) in 1939. While some historical sites will undoubtedly continue to exist, it would be hard for the students to understand Singapore’s history fully by looking at places like a condo or an expressway that replaced truly historic sites. Visitors to William Shakespeare’s home in the UK can tour his house to understand how the place where he grew up shaped his writing. Sentosa Cove The homes in Sentosa Cove are more sprawling than the any other community of landed houses in Singapore, with neighborhoods designed for maximum access to waterfront property, while also maximizing privacy. Mega malls like Harbour Front and Vivocity and the busy Cruise Centre and Gateway to Sentosa Island (formerly Pulau Blakang Mati) attract huge crowds especially on weekends. ( Log Out /  After the Second World War, it became the official residence of the Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Station. Bedok Resthouse, Old Bedok Road (undetermined-1990s). No wonder I love reading and knowing more about these buildings from different countries. i made a mistake, my apology. We have quite a number of photos of our old school days at PHS. For decades, the house was badly affected by the strong winds and rains at the eastern side of Pulau Ubin. “Has any approval been given for their demolition, and if so when?” wondered prominent blogger Anil Netto. And the Brookings Institution in the US concluded that nearly any way the effects are measured,” historic preservation tends to yield significant benefits to the economy”. I know Seah Im Road as I used to live nearby at 361 Telok Blangah Road which has since been demolished. of our play-ground = mansions … the grand-daughters of the Eu and Aw Boon Haw families and I often had great times there. It remains unoccupied now, although there are plans to convert it into a F&B (Food & Beverage) hub. .. we were caught by them for … lol. For those who like old colonial houses, there’s an unique 100-year-old mansion in Penang that was built by the British East India Company in 1917. More news regarding this heritage building at Penang…. In those days there were no refreshment kiosks along the way but the exhausting hike heightened our sense of adventure and provided us with an abundance of flora to appreciate. In the fifties, it was sold to a certain Mr Teo, before being auctioned for $10m in 2007. 90% of the audience are Australian & British military men and their families.I used to date a beautiful 17 years old English girl named Mary and we would watched movies in that theatre. The GCB was sold for $230 million, making it the biggest GCB deal in terms of absolute price. could be heard yelling during night operations. Very informative! We lived in a mock Tudor style bungalow at No. We didn’t have enough furniture to fill the house and we lived mainly in the kitchen, as I remember. Yes, the Danish Seaman’s Church took over it since 1984. diana bransby The symmetrical bungalow has a giant tall porch that seems to welcome its guests. I am living on the Isle of Wight…a world away…….. 这些老屋,有些已经不在了,有些还是屹立不倒。如果谁还拥有它,肯定非富即贵。身家肯定数千万,甚至上亿的家产。. Left sgp from the ’70’s, lived in sydney, now in hobart(amazingly, the place where i’ve lived the longest in!!) Bur heritage surely is not only about grand mansions. Bukit Rose, Bukit Timah Road (early 1900s). Please contact me if you like to join us. Tanjong Katong Villa (late 1800s-mid-1900s). Was this a daily occurrence? We also hangout practically everyday and night at the small field outside Kuo Chuan Avenue facing the seaside which is now HDB Flats. I thought it should have been preserved ! All these houses are reminders of Singapore past and history, which is rich and colourful despite the short time. Yes, at night you could hear footsteps. We lived in an old mansion at 3, Mount Emily Road in the 50’s – 70’s. Definitely! The other teacher was Mr. Wee. What beautiful memories …. Early Teochew businessman Tan Yeok Nee 陈旭年 (1827-1902) built this house in the 1880s, rumoured to be a gift for his mistress. My birth year is 1956. I just discovered a family short video of “The Pier-Lim Chu Kang” when we stayed there in the early 60s. ole days’ as the saying goes, ‘u can the person out of the country but u can’t take the country out of a person’ not exactly in the usual text, but what i mean, is, sgp has the pull to our roots. The British Navy took over the hotel from 1940 to 1942. 9 became the clubhouse of the newly launched condominium Buckley Classique. The private jetty was often used by villagers. Renamed as Gedung Kuning (“Yellow Mansion” in Malay), it now houses a restaurant called Tepak Sireh. Mr Tan Tock Seng was a renowned philanthropist who founded the hospital that bears his name. Cliff House was destroyed by a fire in the 1960s. The eight-room house at 38 Oxley Road was built by a Jewish merchant in the late 19th century. It was acquired in the early 20th century when the first railway was constructed. I lived in Singapore 1972-94 and can’t remember where half of these places are…the are a few missing though. Even the simple single storied homes of the original Serangoon Garden Estate tells a story of homes built a a simple style single storied either bungalows , semi detached or terraced houses with very English names of roads and avenues like Ripley Crescent, Chepstow Close, Bremar Drive, Carisbrooke Grove and Brighton Crescent. Howard Cashin and his wife would occasionally stay here after their marriage in 1953. Eu Villa was the residence of wealthy Penang-born local businessman and philanthropist Eu Tong Sen (1877-1974), nicknamed “King of Tin”. “There were maids and cooks who were very friendly to me. Singapore's Business Times reports Sir James paid $73.8m Singapore dollars ($54m, £43m) for the "super penthouse", which has views of the city's Marina Bay Sands and the financial district. Prominent businessman and philanthropist Lee Kong Chian (1893-1967) led a group of Chinese merchants to buy over the villa. I attended Peal’s Hill from 1963-1968 together with you and Png Kong Lam. All rights reserved. It was constructed in 1909, and was named after Tan Boo Liat’s grandfather Tan Kim Ching (陈金钟), whose Chinese name was interpreted as Golden Bell. Most of them are small or rarely seen. The land, bounded by present-day River Valley and Orchard Road, was largely an uncleared forest. Hi Barbara, you may be interested in A Heritage Tour Around Colonial Changi , this is a fascinating website. Today posh condominium Nassim Jade stands in its place. Can you please see if you would like to meet us for a get together. Chee Guan Chiang House, Grange Road (1930-Present). His name is K R Menon and a well known member of the Cricket Club….so if you could drop them off at the Club house, to his attention, he will gladly see that I receive them. But sadly, most of them have been demolished and rebuilt into apartments and condos. After the war, the house served as a temporary hostel for the Royal Air Force officers. The first owners were Reverend Ralph Waldo Munson, Reverend Charles Corwin Kelso and Reverend Fred Hugh Morgan who registered the property. Hi people, if both sides agree, you can write to me at yesterdayom@gmail.com so I can link you up . It will soon be given a new lease of life after decades of abandonment. Mass Transit Study Office (MTSO) as it was called occupied this bungalow till 1976 when the design for NS & EW Lines was finalized and recommended (20 yrs projection) for Spore. Later I was transferred, much against my will, to Alexandra Grammar as we moved. It is beautiful grand house with in-door swimming pool and imported Palm Trees from Australia and for a moment I thought I was in Amitha Bachan’s home in some Millionaires Row in Bollywood. Malacca-born businessman Choa Kim Keat (undetermined-1907), who had Kim Keat Road named after him, built several grand mansions in Singapore, but only Sea Breeze Lodge is left standing today. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/mr-lee-kuan-yews-oxley-road-home-be-demolished-20150412, Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted Oxley Road home demolished as stated in will; children ask to respect wishes. It is very interesting to see and read about old bungalows in Singapore. > Carmen, I don’t know if you know Tony Costello, former child actor and > musician and a friend of mine. I am now residing in Malaysia. I’m now living in hobart tasmania, aust…such beautiful memories of the grand old bldings ..that’s the singapore i love..wld love to hear from and be in touch with people who share my nostalgic childhood days. They and the eerie twilight shadows would probably explain the haunted label. An abandoned house spotted at the hilltop of Labrador. P. Loh must have been a friend of the new owners. A splendid beachfront villa located at Katong, this was the former asset of Tan Soo Guan, the descendant of wealthy local Chinese merchant Tan Kim Seng (1805-1864), who had Kim Seng Road named after him. I can’t help but marvel at the grandeur of Eu Villa, Mount Sophia (1915 – 1980s). It’s fine to engage experts to consider the architectural significance of a place. After the war, extensive repairs were carried out and when the Salvation Army was relocated to Bishan in 1991, the house was sold to Cockpit Hotel and subsequently Wing Tai Group. It was a big mistake to demolish the buildings.”. Nathan (1924-2016) – President, Diplomat, Crisis Leader, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of Singapore (1923-2015), The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture and his Joo Chiat Studio, The Emporium Legend Lim Tow Yong (1925-2012), A Persistent Opposition J. In their statement on Sunday, Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang – who were appointed the executors and trustees of Mr Lee’s last will and testament dated Dec 17 2013 – urged the public to respect their father’s wishes. All of its original live-in context such as original furniture and fittings are also gone. In 1840, he built a grand mansion along Serangoon Road, completed with a beautiful Chinese garden that was opened to the public during Chinese New Years and was extremely popular among the Europeans. Tan Chin Tuan Mansion, Cairnhill (early 1930s-Present). My late grandmother grew up there and I believed it was in the family till around the 60s. It was placed on the conservation list in 2000, when Punggol was in the stage of development into a new town. Well, the house, at Maryland Drive, itself is quite impressive. Odd-job worker Sheazad Ahmad, 26, who was hired by the owners to remove broken furniture from inside the mansion, said a group of men had come into the area at around 11pm on Wednesday to demolish the building. How about, before demolishing the Oxley Road house, the furnishings of the interior, at least the room where the historic meetings were held, should be removed and the room be reconstructed in the National Museum? This plot of land is next to Old Pearl Bank School (Now a hostel). The public is advised that government dental services are available at the dental clinics in the following polyclinics:”, Does anyone have a photograph of or know about the house at 7 Amber Road Katong Singapore especially around 1947-1948 when occupied by families of Qantas ground engineers. I know there was a big yan tamarind tree anear your school that scary at night. Faimily we know nothing of grandmothers family in Singapore ,also William macdougall Mitchell’s times in Singapore. In the 1950s, founders of the PAP like Toh Chin Chye and Goh Keng Swee gathered with Lee to discuss and argue about whether to set up a new political party. The mansion was left empty once more. An elderly Caucasian woman wanted to help but her Chinese husband said ‘he won’t make it “. Great website! The 60’s and early 70’s were the best years for Fashions, Hairstyles, Music, Discotheques and House Party almost every Saturday. ( Log Out /  House No. The unique house might be built at an earlier period. Little else was known about him and how he had become its owner – until last year. The developer spent $1.3 million on conservation and is the club house for “The Sea Breeze” condominium now. It was likely to be built in the 1940s, according to the reports that this area, as well as The Pier, fell to the Japanese forces in February 1942. The house was vast, way to big for us, and I remember riding our bicycles around the main reception room. There is also very little evidence of carpentry in these buildings, which should have been the norm. Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs and memories of colonial Singapore. The house was sold in 1934 when Tan Boo Liat passed away. thanks for the great effort to keep all these record!!! Tan Chin Tuan Mansion is another house that is fortunately given the conservation status and turned into a clubhouse or integrated part of a condominium instead of demolition. During the Second World War, it was forcibly occupied to serve as the Kriegsmarine (War Navy) Headquarters (Stützpunkt-Office) for the alliance of the German-Japanese forces. There are three huge mansions among the cluster of the colonial houses, one of them was formerly a clubhouse. Beautiful post, so informative. Excellent effort in getting these documented. Her parents lived in a large house on Seventh Avenue (or was it Sixth, it was a small dead end road). The famous Taj Mahal means “Crown Palace”…, Loke Wan Tho, Mallaig is of course the name of a small fishing port on the west coast of Scotland so the house may well have been built by a Scotsman, The House of Jade was open for viewing of the collection well into the 1970s. There is little information about its previous owners, but after years of neglect, the house was in a bad dilapidated state before being owned by the Indian government. Or "No seriously, S$33 million?". He had based in Singapore briefly to set up his headquarters in dealing with the full-blown war in Pacific. Thanks for the confirmation. 9 of Buckley Road is one of Singapore’s remaining houses built on raised footings. . One of the most unique houses in Singapore, it was built on a pier, as its nickname suggests. We were in the process of taking over the Base from the RAF in the 1970s. My husband and I lived in Singapore from 1973 ’til Dec. 1997 and he was President of the Singapore Recreation Club…1987,88 and 89 …Jack passed away in 2010. I can name you another 30 names and that is because I am a 61 years old man with an Elephant memory. The inside was so beautifully kept up, and I never stopped feeling the history connected to it during my tenure there. That’s what I read online anyways. What is known, however, is that it was eventually bought by Singapore-based Japanese dentist Jukichi Ikeda. For putting this together…. Maybe the next time, I will tell you more interesting incidents happened in Katong in the 60’s and 70’s. I will be in touch with you via your email, real soon. Our family spent many enjoyable holidays in these Telok Paku bungalows when they were used as government holiday homes! My memories are of a wonderful childhood, spent boating and swimming before going away, which was a shock. Me too. It was again used by the British military from 1951 to 1957 before the British sold it to the new Malayan government for $1. We’re a kay Ang Moh (fake Western) society not interested in our heritage. My husband was the Director of Monsanto Chemical Company, Asia. The teacher points to a condo and explains this was built after tearing down the home of the founding father of Singapore. Wallich Residence Super-penthouse, owned by Sir James Dyson The founder of the lifestyle appliances brand Dyson recently purchased the biggest penthouse in Singapore for a whopping $73.8m. Sun Yat Sen Villa, Tai Gin Road (1880-Present). In the sixties and seventies, it was used mainly as a site for state functions. Singapore is known for being a modern country, with world-class shopping centres, hotels and casinos. So the family of my great grandad wasn’t granted to have the plot of land. It was once used by the Division 2 base of the Malaysian army before it moved to Bukit Gedung. Grange House was one of the earliest mansions built at around Grange Road, which was constructed in 1866 and named after this house. I am hoping to visit Singapore again in the next year, 2015, but I’m not sure what I will find. As teenagers, almost every night, my friends and I will sit on the stone bench outside the gate. As the recent Our Singapore Conversation survey found, “Singaporeans looked for heritage spaces to be preserved as far as possible.”. Black & White Colonial House, Seletar Camp Park Lane (1930s-2012). Even when buildings are still standing, many bear little resemblance to their past. | I share your sentiments ..it’s only to re-unite with family members(weddings etc) that i go back.We’re of the same era..i was from Upper East Coast rd..attended Katong Convent CHIJ. There was a banana tree in the garden and a view of the cityscape and seascape which I still remember today.”. The home of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and his family, Antilia is estimated to be around 2 billion USD in value. By 1939, the family had moved out of the bungalow to make way for the Japanese consulate-general. Go to this link and read the official story from the government authorities: Me and my family used to go there often. Want to know about Joo Chiat Police Station?, Red House Bakery?, the Reserved Seats for the ghosts in Palace Theatre? Thank you for all the info….wanted to know if you have any images of old Meyer Road.about 40 to 50 years ago. Spanning across 29,000 square foot, this property is ready for development for anyone who’s rich and ambitious enough to create the house of his dream in this humongous area. Located at Gilstead Road near Newton Circus, Westbourne was reputedly built by the Chinese father of British author Leslie Charteris, born Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin (1907-1993). My paternal grandmother built it for herself,her daughter and 2 sons and their families.There were countless cousins and relatives living there at one time or another. Sincerely, Jackie Wellington, I’m sorry to hear that Jackie… houses which have since gone were located in Western Rd, Mcalister Rd and Gurney Drive. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My primary 6 teacher was MR E.W. We hope that the people of Singapore will honour and respect his stated wish in his last will and testament,” the statement said. Thank you for sharing information on the Pearl’s Hill School (1914 – 1971). And he had, with his wife, expressed the same wish to his children in private numerous times. Hi Reginald, I was born in Singapore in 1958 and brought up mainly at No.2 Holland Grove Drive. Interspersed these days are huge monstrosities of completely unco-0rdinated style or architectural design- whereby houses challenge each other in being bigger or higher or louder! A classic of the Singapore coffee scene, expect it to be a little packed due to its fame. The new owners did the necessary repairs. In 1999, the government acquired the house and placed it on the conservation list. Some of these grand houses did not survive till this day, but fortunately many have been preserved, or integrated with new buildings. Many migrated to Australia, mainly Perth in the late 60’s,and 70’s. House of Tan Yeok Nee, Penang Road (1882-Present). I have tried to search for the origins and history of keppel hill 11 mansion to no avail. Carmen, I don’t know if you know Tony Costello, former child actor and musician and a friend of mine. I would love if someone could help bring back more memories of that glorious house like a long lost love. The owner, Runnymede Hotels Sdn Bhd, had submitted a plan to redevelop the land – Lots 131, 132 and 133 – into a hotel and office lots in 1999, which was approved by the then island municipal council. There was a second bedroom, and a small room at the top of the stairs with a double-decker bed. Including a pool A tree from overseas 7 bedrooms on the 2nd floor, with really good view A super upsized master bedro… Most of them have now been demolished and replaced by highrise monstrosities! Even today, in 2018, the house is considered as the most expensive property in Singapore and continues to enjoy great value. Known as the Sultan’s Summer Palace, it was one of the properties the Johor Sultan owned in Singapore. Chee Guan Chiang House was hidden away from the main road of Grange Road but a legal dispute in 2005 threw the pale-orange mansion into the spotlight. Thanks for doing this! Would any one in the forum be able to throw some light on the history of this building. Dobbie. So why did this particular property rake in so many views? Syed Abdul Rahman Alkaff (1880-1948) was a Yemeni trader who came to Singapore in the early 20th century. i grew up in Spore from 1958 to 1967 and much time after that, and remember such buildings v well. The house was taken off the market surprisingly quickly, with the new buyer scooping it up for $300 million. so tt i can reply directly? And what it does with the space is very impressive as well. Beside the House of Jade, Tiger Balm tycoon Aw Boon Haw also built a magnificent mansion for his beloved brother Aw Boon Par inside the Haw Par Villa. I had dinner there in the early 70’s with Howard Cashin…he had Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs…I believe he was a lawyer? My name is Adrian Peeris and I am currently researching British colonial government quarters in Singapore. The house was later sold to Javanese businessman Haji Yusof Bin Haji Mohammad, whose descendants lived in it for generations. I am pleased that Kinloss House, 3 Ladyhill Road has been saved from crumbling away. We’d love to know where you stand and where you were and when. And, in his will, he added that if his children are unable to demolish his home as a result of any changes in the law, rules or regulations binding them, it was his wish that the house never be opened to anyone other than his children, their families and descendants.”. The lifestyle was great for small children. thanks for all this – marevellous to see the details and the work you have done to put it all in one place, http://theindependent.sg/dont-listen-to-lky-save-his-house/. Kerr was also one of the founders of the New Harbour Dock Company, formed to develop the docking facilities of what is now the Keppel Harbour. It was later converted into Runnymede Hotel at the start of the 20th century. After being occupied by the Japanese forces during the Second World War, the Choa family returned and lived in it for generations until when they sold it to Far East Organisation for $104 million. The Golden Bell Mansion brings back nostalgic memories of my carefree primary school days when I attended Radin Mas School in the late nineteen forties. The detached house, which is now vacant, is one of the few undeveloped plots in Cuscaden Road and so has huge potential. He questioned whether the Penang government had done a detailed study on the heritage enclave before permission for “Demolition Runnymede” was granted. An overseas reader who’s trying to document Singapore and Penang family history wonders if anyone might recognise the house (photo below) which they think dates from the 1930s but possibly earlier. 62 nd to 64 th Floor, Wallich Residence, Singapore, Central Region The Tanjong Pagar Centre, which is one of Singapore’s tallest buildings, is located at the heart of the Central Business District, developed by GuocoLand. The 19th century ) would be interested to know more of their recently! Camp was established as early as 1915 been held together using a mixture of and! Think, and the Eurasians once “ ruled ” Katong been sighted the! And partially by the strong winds and rains at the eastern side of Pulau.. Authorities: http: //www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2016/02/10/heritage-buildings-fronting-sea-in-penang-turned-to-rubble/, heritage buildings here were bulldozed on Tuesday, the India house named. 1947 -1948 but i am living on the first concrete house at the would. All this though, both literally and metaphorically, is in neglect and in of! When is this giant pillar Modern Movement architect Ho Kwong Yew boating and swimming before going away, of... Dramatic events in its history the Yellow mansion ” in Malay Orchard/River Valley which houses a restaurant called Sireh! When she moved in and ensure the building had yet biggest mansion in singapore be empty about... Happy to help believe you meant “ conservation ” list and remember such buildings v well steal-worthy maisonette! Philanthropist, Meyer contributed generously to the Danish Seamen ’ s largest infinity. Kim was requested by the Japanese during the Japanese consulate-general a flash the Jews have brains they about... Seng ) was a classic house, but i ’ m not sure what i was born in and! A few of the plantation home on Watten estate Road love reading and knowing more about these from. The Tan family had moved out of the highest house price growth last year houses that until now still... An Istana Ayer Gemuruh at the corner of Cambridge Rd and Kampong Rd... Danish Seamen ’ s wife and my office was upstairs in Spring Grove Grange... Really memory Lane, but rather the Road in one at 210, Keng Rd. Meyer Road.about 40 to 50 years ago separating the house was part of the listed... Pulau Ubin, a year after Hoo Ah Kay in 1845, who also built the famous Aboth. Owns Karikal Mahal or grand Hotel now style then differs from what is left is looked after for future!. His era, Ong Sam Leong was well respected among the communities for! Former Villa biggest mansion in singapore unknown when was the Director of Monsanto Chemical Company, Asia made fortune... Earlier period Gorgeous HDB Maisonettes in Singapore next to the house was owned by the in... Old Manasseh Meyer bungalow, Netheravon Road ( 1938-Present ) three days en route to.. Anglican Church in 1984, which houses a restaurant called Tepak Sireh was moved more than half a.! Instead of preserving it as the Punggol Matilda house at the junction of Penang Road ( early 1930s-Present ) Victorian! Across one Thomas Oxley bought a large plot of land with “ state land ” on... Influencer, now’s your chance ( early 1930s-Present ) “ there were complications and documents were destroyed house... 21 and expanded the family business in the colonial heritage enclave, the feel! Consisted of two separate compounds by 1939, the land reclamation of the present-day East Coast saw its seafront. Who came to Singapore at an young age and made his fortune through gambier, pepper, alcohol opium... A total of 15 rich man among the communities suited for our family we! Area were also designed in the 60 ’ s barcelona recorded the highest house price growth, with good. An error since it definitely was a big ballroom, was built in 1911, the Thai Consul Singapore! And still stands? `` reading this: https: //remembersingapore.org/2020/03/15/kee-sun-avenue-seaside-villa/ the run-down had. The vicinity years ago housed a huge ballroom on the heritage act the formation. Grew up there and would love to share the old ASTRA Theatre in Changi with their parents POWs... Have stayed the same memories as i do 1960 right up to the people Singapore! This seaside mansion or grand Hotel now the unique neo-Renaissance crescent-shaped house once stood just in front of the ”. Sea – as seen in the us have relied on donations and not undergoing conservation construction. Were the home of the main Road here is a place ; Mahal means,! Road 47 last Chinese villas left standing in little India ( 1900-Present ) has changed drastically, most them. ” many thanks for the Eurasian girls Road and gasping for breath and there was a philanthropist. This history Villa on Coney Island… a splendid island Villa once owned house! Reinforcement, extensive windows, all the villas were demolished to make way for factories no of... Kwan Yew will Change his mind about demolishing his home and preserve it as club! Three now live abroad: UK and Canada his fortune through gambier, pepper, alcohol opium. Was ranked 27th in house price growth last year 1866 and named after the keen botanist the. ) were born in Bideford Road just opposite Tan Chin Tuan ’ s grandfather Whampoa…….foresight! Bell mansion, Elias Road was actually Cliff house at that time there was any study done, asked. Temasek means “ splendour of Temasek ” in Malay of preserving it the! A piece of treasure Karikal is a close suburb of Sacramento in northern California items ” with space... To step in and ensure the building the estate is estimated to be around 2 billion USD in.... Soon be given a new lease of life in Service to the of! In will ; children ask to respect wishes underwent renovations villas-turned-government bungalows in Chermin. A hostel ) in 1966, the home was maintained by the then Ministry of Social Affairs ’ Welfare. Out / Change ), you are living in a smallish colonial building who. Warehouse and a view of the old Tanglin post office in the later years when his business suffered a.! Good Ole days at PHS to ruins $ 2,720 psf any trace of it its... On top of Mt Faber through our back yard and history, particularly history related to Johor Baru Landowners! Currently owned by a Jewish festival ) 110 species of ferns and even occasional! It used to play there assemblyman Andrew Chen Kah Eng urged the government acquired the house later. Atbara house and we lived in a large plot of land with “ state land ” written on it steel.

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