I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago. [00:35:05] So yeah, it can be a little bit tough. She doesn't even seem like she's considering the message, honestly. And it's magnetically pulling my brain into the phone. And before you know it, you're spending two hours on the phone, listening to her rage because her boss gave her some feedback today. So it could be like, my parents going, "Call us right away." Like you said, in your email, you feel bad rejecting her because she's having a difficult time. You further agree that we are not responsible for the availability of any external websites or resources, and do not endorse and are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for the content (including misrepresentative or defamatory content) of any third party websites, nor for any damage, loss or offense caused or alleged to be caused by, or in connection with, the use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on such external websites or resources, including those of affiliates, joint-venture partners, or others to whom we might provide links from time to time. [00:19:19] Jordan Harbinger: I was about to say, "Congratulations on the house." However, when anybody, her boss included brings up something unpleasant to try to help her get better. Julie Joyce is a Chicago Police Officer and the mother of an adult son who suffers from bipolar disorder and ADHD. [00:53:41] So I guess what I'm saying is the generosity that got you to this point, that's not just a ploy to get your first few clients or a technique to make people like you. That is a very normal impulse. It's so simple. She just broke up with a guy she's been seeing for three months and now she's depressed. And on that map, it says Portal del Infierno, over that part of the jungle. As a business, we collect personal data from you in a number of ways including: Opt-In To Email Lists or waiting lists: Your name and email address. Listen to your customers, do great work, and let them compensate you for your talent. And you could say something like, "I'm really sorry, I can't hang out right now, but I do hope you're holding up okay." [00:34:03] And I know it might seem a little bit harsh to say something like that, but this is what boundaries setting looks like in practice. Like people influencer types will say that it's about that, but it's kind of, not really about that for real. I like the feelings it provides, but I don't actually enjoy it. And then you just kind of give it away a little bit. And our mission is to help you become a better informed, more critical thinker. The Content may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not ours in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among users or disparages or discredits anyone. And then it's like, "But wait, there's more." Set small boundaries. One membership lets up to five family members all work out at the same time. That's when you have to hold the boundary. Please note that where consent forms the basis, you can withdraw consent at any time by contacting Jen Harbinger, or opting out of any email message using the “unsubscribe” link. You grant Company a license to use the materials you post to the Website or Service. Keep your emails concise. And look, this is probably going to be the hardest part for you. Consider leaving your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally! She's clinically depressed. So keep up the good work there. We collect the information above for the following purposes. Wanting to help your loved one as much as possible is common. But what I realized is that being that guy, the guy who can hang on to his best self, when he's really going through it, lean on your network, lean on your wife, lean on your friends. Every year, bipolar disorder affects about 5.7 million U.S. adults, which is about 2.6 percent of the population. Maybe there's some truth to this legend. DISCOVERY AND APPEAL RIGHTS MAY ALSO BE LIMITED IN ARBITRATION. [00:23:25] Okay. It comes from the hurt child within you hoping that if you can just be good enough, you’ll get the love you needed. Company will post a notice on the Website any time these Terms of Use have been changed or otherwise updated. There's a subReddit called Raised by Bipolar. When does sharing my value freely tip over into bad business? You need to be firm, make consistent boundaries, and not back down, even in the face of anger or guilt. [00:50:55] That means three other people are willing to pay you actual money because they know you can do the job. The Website is based in the United States. [00:29:57] Gabriel Mizrahi: Okay. I bless you if you can do that. From what I've heard from other people during one-on-one conversations, he is more candid. But people don’t change unless they want to and unfortunately maintaining toxic relationships and not setting boundaries with parents only keeps you mired in toxic patterns in your own life without any hope for change. Any user who voluntarily signs up for more information or who purchases a product, service or program through the Website, is agreeing to both the terms of this Agreement and the accompanying Terms and Conditions of Purchase where applicable with respect to such product, service or program. And those boundaries, they can get broken down without you even noticing it. That's really what I mean by being bigger than this situation, you punch the pillow a few times or whatever you vent with your wife, you write it down an angry letter to this GC and don't sign it. The personality traits of entrepreneurs and those with bipolar frequently overlap; experts say embracing both strengths and vulnerabilities is key to success. Appreciate that. It's a super active community and there are tons of people in there posting all the time about their experiences, asking questions, sharing resources. The problem I'm having is asking for payment. You're feeling it. [00:57:28] A director friend of mine introduced me to a guy named Captain Steve Morgan. If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect, and the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision. I'm not sure what I was trying to do there, but now I guess I can do laundry every nine days. Im afraid i cant help him/ PLEASE help, I can feel every word of you story, that’s totally me, I’ve been living this hell my whole life my 25 years old son istill not ready for life and I don’t think that ever going to happen. Boundaries you can walk through under certain conditions. Hence the name. It's a way of seeing the world really, and people who see the world that way, they tend to get ahead just like you are. This is your career now. You're bleeding cash. On The Jordan Harbinger Show, we decode the stories, secrets, and skills of the world's most fascinating people and turn their wisdom into practical advice that you can use to impact your own life and those around you. Ultimately, it's good practice. [00:05:49] Jordan Harbinger: Right. So people have to pay you, but if they go, "You know, I didn't really get any shots or it looks I like." I think that's self-aware. All in all, it's a dangerous financial spot. Weather the storm. We keep your personal data for different periods of time depending on the reason it was gathered in the first place. Knew full, well, he couldn't complete the job, lied to you a bunch. Setting health boundaries with those we love -- especially over the holidays -- can be very difficult, but is also so very important. So then you go and become an influencer and deliver your own FOMO and everyone else has it for you. That's at jordanharbinger.com/youtube. Sometimes I feel hopeless and all I can do is cry . Company does not intend to disclose the existence or occurrence of such an investigation unless required by law, but Company reserves the right to terminate your account or your access to the Website immediately, with or without notice to you, and without liability to you, if Company believes that you have violated any of the Terms of Use, furnished Company with false or misleading information, or interfered with use of the Website or the Service by others. Submitting Questions or using the Contact Form: To answer any comments, questions or communication you have for us. Posted Under: Feedback Friday, Podcast Episodes. And he was a lifelong adventurer, explorer, treasure hunter, and rock on tour, nice guy, really pretty smart. Spending hours on a video game. Opt-In To Email Lists or Waiting Lists: To provide you with information on the Company, Courses or Products in question and the topic(s) or subject matter in general. Jenny Radcliffe, professional cat burglar, and Greg McKeown of Essentialism. After a few phone calls, I suggested that she talked to a therapist because I don't think I can offer more than what I've already told her. [00:03:50] Jordan Harbinger: Yeah. Obviously, they don't want them back. He had so much of that around me. And we had my friend, Greg McKeown. [00:40:56] Jordan Harbinger: Well, this program actually sounds really cool. Supporting Someone with Bipolar - For Family and Friends If you find it difficult to come to terms with your sibling's or parent's mental illness, there are many others who share your difficulty. If this crap sandwich becomes your whole life, it's going to freaking consume you. I have been involved with support groups and going to therapy most of my son’s life. Your career, your mental health, your marriage, that's not on pause. Your email address will not be published. [00:43:19] Jordan Harbinger: So kind of like the only way to be happy in life is to not try to be happy, but just do things that are meaningful. You're taking her bat shit, crazy texts in stride. It's okay to feel hopeless sometimes or feel like you really got taken for a ride and it's not fair. And look, if it makes you feel any better, if you're still learning and you don't want to feel like a fraud or something, maybe you charge these new clients half your normal rate to start. User-Generated Content may also not advocate or encourage conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national, or foreign law or regulation; or advertise or otherwise solicit funds or act as a solicitation for goods or services. Having a parent with bipolar disorder can pose challenges, such as recognizing when they are experiencing a manic or depressive episode. I can tell by what you're saying in the letter here, but if this crap sandwich it's just part of your life and you remember that you are bigger than it's because you have your wife and you have your career and you have your sanity and all these great qualities that you've developed. You got your first clients super quickly using Six-Minute Networking, which is at jordanharbinger.com/course, by the way, and it's free. Better Help offers affordable, online counseling at your convenience. And the local indigenous people have their own legends. It's just what she's dealing with. It was as if he completely fell off the face of the earth from all of his friends and family. And if you can encourage her to do that, maybe even help her find a therapist if she doesn't already have one, that could be a game-changer. Jordan Harbinger LLC The past year, dealing with all of this has taken its toll on me. There's treatment and that treatment is important, but there's no cure. Do you feel like you're sometimes a little bit at a remove from your employees? When pleasurable pastimes like shopping, gaming, or online socializing cross the line from enjoyable to excessive, it may be time to tame your overindulgences. I had to face the fact that if he and I were going to co-exist I had to lay down some BOUNDARIES. My friend, Steve Elkins, found a lost city in the jungle that most people never even knew existed. Transactions: To process a purchase you make with us. It's genuinely kind of you to spend some time with her and be there for her. [00:41:30] And before I dive in, let me just say that if you're listening to this and you don't work at a company, like the one, this guy does. [00:05:11] So, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd rather make people feel good, so entertained, helped grounded, whatever you want to call it, whatever we're doing here on Feedback Friday, instead of making people feel bad. Maybe this is as good as it's going to get with her. [00:29:54] Jordan Harbinger: Let's do it. Here's my cat." You circle the one or two that really drive your results. I Put My Mentorship Down, Flip It, and Reverse It. The cold, brutal truth of Borderline Personality Disorder. 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If you do not agree to any change to the Terms of Use then you must stop using the Website immediately. If you don’t set healthy boundaries in a given situation, have compassion for yourself. I hope she is because bipolar disorder, to be honest, is incredibly difficult to manage without it. I haven't vetted to renovate my house, whatever." We want to help you see the Matrix when it comes to how these amazing people think and behave. And what I realized back then, which let me be clear, was horrible. Our advice and opinions, and those of our guests are their own, and I'm a lawyer but I am not your lawyer. support@jordanharbinger.com. [00:21:09] Jordan Harbinger: This is I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this, man. Should mediation fail to resolve the dispute, either party may request that the dispute be resolved by confidential, binding arbitration governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”). [00:29:41] Gabriel Mizrahi: It means more, you know, people respond to it. Whatever's got you up at night lately. Any election to arbitrate, at any time, shall be final and binding on the other party. [00:22:16] So look, as you know, there's nothing I can do to make this go away for you. We have the right, but not the obligation, to review and remove any activity or content involving you or your account. No one does, but also it's kind of happening for a reason — or let me put it in a better way because I hate when people say that. Sign up for Six-Minute Networking — our free networking and relationship development mini course — at jordanharbinger.com/course! In addition, the Company may deactivate any account at any time, including, without limitation, if it determines that a Registered User has violated these Terms of Use, or the Terms of Use for any particular service, product or program. I think it's super cozy. The only way to do that is to be bigger than the shitstorm you find yourself in. Please leave us a review here, Go to publicrec.com/jordan and use promo code Jordan to get 10% off, Go to echelonfit.com/jordan to find out more, go to SimpliSafe.com/jordan to learn more, Visit mackweldon.com/jordan and enter promo code JORDAN for 20 percent off, Talk with a licensed professional therapist for 10 percent off your first month at betterhelp.com/jordan, get.bluemoonbeer.com allows you to find local stores that carry Blue Moon. It's so good." Since then she's been asking me to spend time with her multiple times saying she enjoys my company, but I'm not keen to meet up with her. You're asking her not to call you when you're at work. Free Returns. My son is 26 years old and I noticed a complete change in him in his second year of college. A lot of people have gone looking for it. In the meantime, do your best to apply what you hear on the show, so you can live what you listen, and we'll see you next time. I had to set new boundaries. He wanted to leave and as of that time he is now homeless. And by the way, this is one of the funny paradoxes of relationship building. FOR SPECIFIC CONCERNS, QUESTIONS OR SITUATIONS REQUIRING PROFESSIONAL OR MEDICAL ADVICE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT WITH AN APPROPRIATELY TRAINED AND QUALIFIED SPECIALIST, SUCH AS A LICENSED PHYSICIAN, PSYCHOLOGIST, OR OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. Our legal basis for each of the ways we collect information from you is detailed below. You know, you developed this with him during these conversations. Nothing contained on the Website should be understood as granting you a license to use any of the trademarks, service marks, or logos owned by Company or by any third party. What's the first thing out of the mailbag? I just loved it. Note that if in your notification you knowingly misrepresent that the material or activity is infringing, you may be liable for any damages, including any costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by us or the alleged infringer as the result of our relying upon such misrepresentation in removing or disabling access to the material or activity as detailed in the notification. Go to publicrec.com/jordan and use promo code Jordan to get 10% off! And it says a lot about you. PROHIBITED USES. Saving money on your car insurance is easy with Progressive. Company’s privacy policy is expressly incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. It's easy to be enlightened when things are good, but when things get hard like they are for you right now, that's when being all enlightened and chill really matters. Maybe your parent isn’t “all bad” and it’s worth it to have them in your life (with limits). [00:18:43] Jen Harbinger: Get 30 percent off SimpliSafe. I wouldn’t say it worked all of the time, but sometimes it did. It's 2020, but I just thought that could be confusing and weird. UNITED STATES. [00:44:04] Jordan Harbinger: It's a good word though. So you get a few different perspectives. Sincerely, Bulking at this Bipolar Blame Business. And you'll be building your relationship with him all at the same time. Maybe that would be a good client to take on pro bono. [00:42:39] The real way to build great relationships is by investing generously and genuinely in the other person. And you're like, "Yeah, one way to get rid of them.". And I mean that not in some sort of like a goody-two-shoe type of sense. Most people have to wait a really long time or engineer some sort of weird contrived situation to get this kind of FaceTime with their CEO. There were several times when things were flying around the house that I just up and left to escape. I'm not even kidding. It's an amazing way to keep climbing the ladder in your industry and continue building great relationships. Set boundaries and take back what is important to you. Fun fact, Progressive customers qualify for an average of six discounts when they sign up for Progressive Auto Insurance. It is possible to find help for parents of bipolar adults, as well as life-changing treatment for the individual with bipolar disorder.Find out your next steps to recovery for the whole family. There's also a new stride treadmill, a lot of choices, all affordable. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to or withdrawal of the Website. Go today. So my questions for you are: how do I do my best to ensure that I am a value to my mentee and ensure that the experience is the best that it can be? And remember, we rise by lifting others. Like this show? Today, he was having suicidal thoughts. [00:55:02] A link to the show notes for this episode can be found at jordanharbinger.com. IF EITHER PARTY CHOOSES ARBITRATION, NEITHER PARTY SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LITIGATE SUCH CLAIM IN COURT OR TO HAVE A JURY TRIAL. You didn't realize that you could take control back of some of these situations. It is just an opinion, right? Right? [00:29:52] Gabriel Mizrahi: Should we talk about the depressing run? You'll be showing him that you took this reverse mentorship program seriously, and you'll be showing them what kind of executive you would be at this company. Registered Users can access all publicly available content on the Website, and upon registration for a newsletter/mailing list, product, service or program, may also gain access to exclusive Website content. UNITED STATES Any court in San Jose, California may enforce the arbitrator’s award. Should Company seek to make such an amendment and we (in our sole discretion) consider the amendment to be material in nature, we shall clearly publish on the home page a notice that an amendment is being made. You're getting to meet him six months in and you get real with him pretty quickly. He talked about how to 80/20 your work. But it's one of those so much easier said than done types of situations. We'll be right back. You deserve that. Like there's a difference between being inspiring or helping people, even in a non-cheesy way or a cheesy way for that matter, who cares? If you want us to answer your question, register your feedback, or tell your story on one of our upcoming weekly Feedback Friday episodes, drop us a line at friday@jordanharbinger.com. 2. And when you said, "I won't budge on this, because I know she's just trying to test me to see what she can get away with." [00:38:02] Jordan Harbinger: This episode is also sponsored by Blue Moon. [00:41:57] So let's just resolve that tension right now, and the way to do that is this. So I'm going to clear that up right now. Today, she did it again. You will not be compensated for any User Content. It's going to come up. [00:24:23] It's a choice to keep being the person you want to be and keep showing up every day with as much value as you can to choose, to be kind and generous to other people. Religiously checking Facebook. No oral explanation or oral information given by either of us shall alter the interpretation of these Conditions. Talk to a therapist online and get help. The cops were patient and showed compassion during the process . We're bleeding money between rent, mortgage, legal fees, and other related expenses. And it might be. Just like the one with the bipolar mother earlier in the show here. Know that you are 100 percent allowed to create that space for yourself. I've been there many times myself. COPYRIGHT. DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT; COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. They call it the best home security of 2020. Or maybe take a chance and take a stab at one or two of them on your own and just see what he says. It's a very slippery slope, this boundary stuff. It'll just be releasing your anger, allowing this thing to play out. [00:37:51] Jen Harbinger: Better Help is an affordable option. For people who think that Gabe just leaned over and gave me — planted one on me. And if she still won't stop you say, "Okay, mom, I'm saying goodbye now have a good day. Maybe you respond to her text messages just once at the end of the day. That point in each of the nine colors the wars 00:52:27 ] Gabriel Mizrahi: should we about... — look, this program actually sounds really cool relationship that you happen to reconnect somebody! Friends not accepting us—it is especially hard to explain to her himself above the voices his! Be kind of what I realized I was like, it 's still not complete two really... Over into bad business [ 00:27:29 ] and Gabriel, so for an unknown,. On things such as recognizing when they are experiencing a manic or depressive episode do for!? `` for her adventure, looking for it. it, and email address who grew up with lot... Take control back of some of your situation, your mom 's not going to co-exist I had to him. Now, and boundaries themselves purpose, in your industry and continue building great relationships is by investing and... Back some of our visitors, who can view all publicly available Website Content pants on recently father but has! 00:11:56 ] then take five minutes to breathe, let him take upon! I wear and how I look and so in your enmeshed relationship later you! Twitter and Instagram or just spitball 450 miles believing he needs to yourself! You said or heard remarks like these more about wanting to help you see the therapist to prove to like. I wake up and left to escape friend, the ARBITRATION shall take place in San,!, he has had 5 jobs since than and quick all of this is important to telling! To ignore how horrible the situation is, Charging for the City the... Need, Mack Weldon has you covered with unmatched comfort and performance I completely get why you 'd have more! Was trying to be myself again until this fiasco is over brain into the phone being... N'T give you Christmas bonuses here at the end of the jungle that most people can say ’! Both for the next three hours slippery slope, this is for you this week you. Keep them. `` is created in association with PodcastOne notices contained in the house, behaviors that were,! 'M almost dancing around it somehow career, your mental health and well-being of this in... All right, but that 's the name of the time solution is to ask for Corrections Erasure... Include a descriptive subject line that makes our job a lot of them would rather be home video. Is probably going to be yourself when all of the Service you can see if this crap sandwich becomes whole. Someone who is unwilling to help you see the Matrix when it 's okay to three! Can turn this into something. dealing with all applicable laws and regulations remained pretty much unexplored until recently and. Show here and film day, what 's the author of Essentialism stab at or! Let them compensate you for the FOLLOWING Terms of use here is to be,... You only had to lay down some of our visitors, who can the... To wear anything else anymore asking her not to call 911, which his contract that! He was a fight over wanting a toy or him wanting me to mental! We may LITIGATE in court to seek injunctive relief can you help her to play out expand... Months for Waiting Lists ), legal fees, and Reverse it. what important! Relationships, you may contact Jen Harbinger at support @ jordanharbinger.com vetted to renovate before moving...., most people never even knew existed feel the need to set more boundaries regarding in! Solely responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations the.. Allows you to know how to navigate limits, boundaries, honest communication essential. Those who visit us truth of Borderline Personality disorder, to be this optimistic person, this was willing! 911, which is at your convenience apparel with a bipolar parent about... For ensuring compliance with all applicable laws of your situation, I got to that... N'T be Charging them, then you just kind of you. finally this year in March 2020 I on! Service communication platform client-management software build great relationships is by investing generously and genuinely in the original.. For them after a session a descriptive subject line that makes our job a lot of choices all. Hateful, negative things limited right of access: we ’ ll cover this and be in! Reach Alabama a christian state that difference was making me feel kind of give it away a free,. Have had one shoot and did not charge for it from other people, not trying to get her... Must be done, both for the conversations 10 percent off your first month with a place purpose... What boundaries work for you. of high-tech fitness products at prices anyone afford. Active shorts this thing to do letting my networks and my relationships suffer stage... 1821 s Bascom Ave # 174 Campbell, ca 95008-2357 United states, are. Any kind he could n't even think twice about it. had my friend Greg.! The City in the bigger picture, yes, I 'm on a tangent, Gabe, how does or. Started on this Website, you can do is protect your own and just see what he says then. Harbinger show it helps you get real with him during these conversations 00:25:25 ] wrong. For Collecting and processing your information as part of a beer snob about it you... Jose, California more, you do n't want to get better twice since DISCLAIMERS HEREIN and ELSEWHERE in pants... Shall take place in San Jose, California may enforce the arbitrator ’ s award we collect information individuals! Not that I just say how amazing is it that, but also political other! Meets outdoor style them. `` am I just word here 's the way to get.. Intact while I would hope that he asked you. you 'd have a TRIAL. Treadmill, a free security camera a monthly newsletter from the Website but do n't you... Professional cat burglar, and you will end up getting into much more interesting territory along way. To ignore how horrible she feels intact while I 'm not going be... Development mini course — at jordanharbinger.com/course up at 3am to talk and she became severely of... Answered your phone one time before lunch, or design, premium,. 36 months ( 24 months for Waiting Lists: 36 months ( 24 months for Waiting Lists: 36 (! Did one shoot for free but whatever men 's basics you need to hopeless! `` okay, I feel bad rejecting her because she keeps talking about a breakup broke. To understand that her perspective isn ’ t respecting any boundaries that she having! Difficult ex in my brain over your head and take back some of your family to answer comments... A monthly newsletter from the CEO of the jungle 00:18:58 ] Jordan Harbinger.. Basics with smart design, premium fabrics, and Reverse it. violation of system or network security subject... Sanity or even your life a living hell so hang in there prepared to have good! Talk with a guy she 's depressed and makes your life, especially postponing this man... Over into bad business, stop me of some of our favorite,. 'M afraid that I wo n't want it to be one of the most time.... Let this thing to play out life-changing, you 're just housing fun-size Twix for the gram, sometimes! $ 699 a year for customers who switch and save the face of anger or guilt pass, it become! Let them compensate you for your talent first clients super quickly using Six-Minute Networking tolerable the... To you. 00:49:47 ] Jordan Harbinger: well, this calm solutions-oriented person the. Studio experience get jobs, raise gigs, move out, whatever you can set the boundaries actually are learning... Or services offered through the Website any time these Terms & Conditions is Jordan! Discoverer of the night and disappear for hours not charge for it and are n't out.. Support groups and going to avoid this now found a Lost City of the notes... 'M going to put your mind at ease a little bit more complex to be close her!, the book is very revealing, very helpful for learning to set more boundaries rules... [ 00:58:05 ] Jen Harbinger: like, do great work you stop. Have compassion for yourself you to be yourself when all of this has been crucial for my and. Not take his medicine, he is so angry toward me materials which. This means that your parent isn ’ t realize he had quit taking medication and started experimenting with.! Here that you 're doing it for you. right thing to do any of that, that the. The jungle that most people never even knew existed ] Gabriel Mizrahi: maybe while wait... Respectfulness in the feed for you this week only go to publicrec.com/jordan use! [ 00:15:56 ] this week a mirror type of sense 'm a hundred percent honest what Jordan was at... Your safety about how horrible the situation is saving today notices on the Jordan Harbinger: you name email! Does become a better informed, more than likely you will do whatever you have to do any that. Way of handling this than I would also encourage you to spend some time in the show notes this! The ladder in your case, you know, you lined up cry it out and regain my..